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G. Sweeney Limited was formed in 1975 and at that time chiefly provided a sub-contract service for utilities companies. Steady expansion of the facilities and services provided took place as new industries replaced the region’s traditional heavy industries and ship building operations.

With any development comes the requirement to upgrade the road networks, communications and utility support services and whilst large multi-national and national civil engineering contractors compete for the major work, smaller contractors benefit from the "snowball effect". G Sweeney Limited is well placed to continue to provide a service for civil engineering and utility work together with its road sweeping service.

The emphasis to get the work done has undergone considerable change in recent years with the requirement to acknowledge that safe working practices and protection of the environment are a pre-requisite to any work undertaken. We have adapted to this change of emphasis and are enthusiastic in our training and support to supervisors and operatives to assist them in working within these new parameters.

In order to keep abreast with changes to regulations and responsibilities the company is a member of the Construction Industry Training Board, Civil Engineering Contractors Association, CPA, and Teesside Safety Group.

For civil engineering work we have the organisational structure in place to provide a professional service from enquiry to completion. Procedures have been developed to support the external services, not only administratively, but also from the garage maintenance team looking after  vehicles, tipping lorries, excavators, compressors down to the smaller plant items used on site. Similar support is also given to our Road Sweeping Department to enable them to give continued good service to their clients.

We believe we are in a good position to compete for work within our self imposed limits, i.e. up to £O.5m on a single contract. We operate in a competitive environment but look to our 24 hour, 7day call-out facility together with our quality and health and safety record to maintain our presence on tender lists and be the first port of call in negotiated contracts.

Our objective is to continue to develop and maintain the quality of our work, whilst increasing the capabilities of our staff in health & safety and environment issues. The growth of the company has always been controlled to remain within our financial capabilities and the quality of our managerial, supervisory, and administrative personnel. We strongly believe that our continued growth will come through the training and development of the people we employ and the firm financial foundation that we have established.